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Seth was tired of losing his lighters all the time, so he came up with the idea for the Block Table Lighter—a lighter that lives on your coffee table that you should, in theory, never lose. (If you do, we don't know what to tell you.)

car lighter in green marble
car lighter in green marble

Car Lighter

block table lighter green leather
block table lighter in orange leather

Block Table Lighter

carry case for smoking accessories
Carry Case

Carry Case

On-The-Go Kit
On-The-Go Kit

On-The-Go Kit

$290 $261
Tsubota flip top lighter blue/pink
fliptop in blue/pink

Fliptop Lighter

Stick Lighter Gift Set

Stick Lighter Gift Set



Made by iconic lighter-maker Tsubota from Japan.

Houseplant Lighters

A quality lighter is a non-negotiable investment for all of your smoking needs, so why not find a unique lighter that you'll have for years to come? Browse unique table lighters, car lighters, lighter carry cases, lighter caddies and more lighters that were designed to look so special that they could never get lost.